One of my favorite jobs as an artist is working with a client and bringing his or her vision to reality. It can be a painting, wedding invitations, a hand-lettered sign, logo design, anything!

Contact me and let's create something amazing!

How It Works

  1. Start a Conversation

    Let me know what kind of commission you want done and any applicable info (ex. size, when you need it finished by, paint type). I’ll tell you my availability and give you a price quote!

  2. Details and Photos

    Once we agree on the price and timing, let’s get this thing started! Send me all the extra details and photos I need to create your vision! At this point, I will also send you an invoice to pay.

  3. Create and Wait

    After payment, I’ll start painting or drawing your commission! Depending on how many other projects I have going, turnaround times vary, and usually take about 3-4 weeks till completion. However I might be able to finish something sooner if needed! During this time, you can also receive updates on your piece if you wish.

  4. Completion

    Once your piece is finished, I will email you a photo for approval! I am always happy to make any necessary changes! Upon final approval, I will ship your piece to you safely and swiftly! Depending on the size of package, I typically use USPS for shipping!

  5. Enjoy!

    Enjoy your new work of art! Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@toridenaeart). It’s one of my greatest joys to create for others, and to see my art hanging on your walls!